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Biomass & Bioenergy

The Hellenic Biomass Association is the voice of the bioenergy industry in Greece. It has been the longest-standing Greek Association in the field of renewable energy sources in general and of biomass in particular, as early as 1990.

Medical Biotechnology

gMendel® is a Danish medical innovation growth company that aims to transform the diagnosis of genetic disorders for better disease management. The gMendel® technology combines genomics, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide a shorter, safer and more cost-effective path to accurate diagnosis and potential treatment.

The Science Support provides superior integrated solutions for life sciences applications. By partnering with world-class biotech and biopharma manufacturers, the company provides a broad range of products and comprehensive support services for scientific, diagnostic and analytical applications, worldwide.

Agricultural Biotechnology

LEDRA is a Greek fertilizer production company with over 40 years of presence in the global market. LEDRA continuously develops and incorporates new technologies into organic fertilizer production, as a response to modern production needs and soil-climatic challenges. Currently, LEDRA is exploring the use of microalgal biomass as a sustainable slow-release fertilizer, but also as a potential bio-fertilizer for rice cultivation.

OLBIO specializes in the production, distribution and trading of humic soil improvers from Leonardite. OLBIO is currently examining the use of the algal liquid fertilizer for agricultural crops. Algae contain all the essential nutrients needed for plant growth and are effectively used as bio-fertilizers, as they provide better yields, reduce nutrient loss and minimize production costs.

Agrorea creates value-added organic fertilizers by up-cycling agricultural by-products and non-hazardous waste. Agrorea deploys anaerobic fermentation technology, as well as aerobic fermentation to achieve total composting capabilities of the formulated product. The company offers integrated solutions to industries, companies, municipalities, thus protecting the environment and people.